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Onboard Partners

To deliver optimal and best service ever; our onboard programs will ensure to evaluate your business partner’s willingness and risk assessment. While working in collaboration with you and your partners, will also ensure to that business processes, relevant information, technicality, duties and responsibility are available to mitigate any risk they might constitute to your EU-FMD readiness. You do not have to worry about your CMOs and 3PLs, will help you in managing it Our supply chain visibility solution promotes the collaboration of all stakeholders through a single, consistent and real-time view of the situation. It gives you the end-to-end control in real time needed to ensure maximum production time and perfect order fulfillment.

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EU Hub Compliance – EMVS

It is no doubt that FMD requires every production from pharmaceuticals firm is on compliance with the European Union with an anti-tampering device and its unique identifier in readable forms. Here at CosmoTrace, we will guide you through every complex process of getting the right approval to the EMVO’s European, with an important element of the obligatory EU-FMD criteria.

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We’ll partner with you right from the onset to determine the ideal serialisation strategy for your individual line needs. Based on our experience in the industry, you can be rest assured not only to be confined to your in-house processes but also to your CMO's and distribution partners. Start your Serialisation compliance journey with us today and enjoy the benefits of our in-line relationships with management system providers who are ready to escalate your implementation to all level integration

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CosmoTrace Compliance Requirements

At CosmoTrace, we address challenges from the manufacturing floor and at the factory by working at the enterprise level and beyond. We help companies accurately record, track, and manage product data from the manufacturer to the distributor through the distribution point. This enables us to have complete visibility and traceability within the supply chain so that you can meet all regulatory requirements.

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Effective delivery – EU FMD

Whether you are about to be due for EU-FMD compliance or faced with internal challenges concerning expertise or resourcing, we are here to help you. With our efficient and versatile approach, we guarantee effective management and delivery of EMVO & NMVO On-Boarding

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Your satisfaction is our main priority. We will provide all our clients with a personalised support capabilities that address the functional and operational in relation to end-to-end serialisation solutions.

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Qualified Experts

We have experts readily made available at our disposal to get you on-board for your compliance today. You do not have to worry about the risk in connection to your projects; our experts will scale you through all the process without any delay We have a wide range of qualified and specialised team in the house that are ready to provide people to clients on any basis. The types of people we typically provide to clients include:

  • Senior subject matter experts

  • Business analysts

  • Technical consultants

  • Validation specialists

  • Program and project managers

In case you find it difficult to create your team or personnel, feel free to contact our resourcing team for the best possible approach.